UPS Service

We undertake repairs and maintenance of UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply – PAN India, any make any more up to 40 KVA ratings and up to 200 KVA ratings in 8 cities of India. We specialise in these services. We have full-fledged backend operations team who undertakes call logging, monitoring, updating clients and maintaining TAT. The quarterly and yearly reviews are provided to gauge the existing service levels. We provide UPS on rentals, we also provide working ups for sales and replacements.

We also undertake retrofit of UPS systems as UPS systems which are more than 8-10 years old are of old technology and are less efficient and difficult to manage and maintain. We provide a complete techno commercial proposals giving ROI and payback period and provide UPS on lease so that the outgo can be checked and maintained.

Retrofit is important and a must feature as we progress in the very competitive and digital era of world.
A] Old UPS are less efficient and hence are more expensive on energy bills to run the same load.
B] there monitoring and maintenance is cumbersome and expensive.
C] Expandability is a big question to the existing setup and hence flexibility is not there etall with old monolithic technology.
D] They need more batteries, capacitor replacements every 5-6 years, increase in AMC costs as every year goes by, Reliability drops as we move to next year, no hot plug ability, expandability – these are some more disadvantages in using the same monolithic technology products.
E] Latest design, more efficient, more data visual figurative, data analysis, easy to maintain, etc is the buzz word which the new technology Ups does provide.

When we undertake AMC of the UPS PAN India or for the client’s locations any make any model – generally we replace them with the good make same capacity ups so that clients inventory becomes good and standard as generally the buying decision then are diff and many make and diff models would have been procured which are not good toe maintain. Due to many make UPS vendors closing there shops have put restrains in the clients in maintaining there make and model UPS systems wherein we help you doing it.

We are equipped with 2 repair centres, repairs engineers, spares and standby UPS inventory to manage and maintain the TAT levels committed by us.

You can email us regarding UPS services on , (handle pan India UPS AMC)