Printing and Scanning solutions

We at powertechnics specialize in providing customized printing solutions for your business needs.

The solutions we deploy are tailored as per your requirements and organization size. The projected growth trajectory of your business over the next two to four years is also taken into account while optimizing the solution for you. However, the most valuable aspect of powertechnics is the effective operating cost and the return on your investment (ROI) model. The solutions that we offer provide you fixed and stable operating costs even against general inflationary trends. This is achieved by providing fixedconsumable cost for a minimum period of 3 to 5 years and following it up with robust service and maintenance support across the country -PAN India.

Also, due to the availability of features like secure print, delayed print, watermark print, detailed accounting through embedded software, and A3 or A4 outputs irrespective of toner coverage, our managed print services gives you complete control on your operations at a fixed cost offered to you for a minimum period 3 to 5 years.

You can buy our printing solutions in Capex mode (Capital expenditures), and we shall maintain and run it OR in the Opex mode (Operational expenditure), where you can lease out the printers and we maintain and operate it for you. Apart from these modes, you also have the option of setting up a centralized printing hub for your large scale printing operations.

We undertake the responsibility of deploying uniform models across India, along with maintaining help desk at your premises, management of equipments, managing consumables availability before time, monitoring of equipments centrally, providing reports on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis, product wise analysis of printing and copying, user wise printing reports, centralized billing and much more.

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Our value added services include:

  • Solution for small offices to big corporations.
  • Customized solution for 3 to 5 years tenure
  • Uniform cost for the first 3 years and subsequently reduced or revised cost thereafter.
  • Complete service and the asset management
  • Daily and weekly reports. Monthly user wise analysis
  • Help desk to centrally monitor the deployment and usage thereafter
  • Centralized monitoring for better control, auto control, fault analysis, fault finding and detection, toner and consumable availability, etc.