Electric service

We undertake all the electrical projects covering panel, Electrical cable laying and installation and commissioning, Providing solution for Improving on the power factor, Reduction of current harmonics and many such similar verticals.

We undertake Power Quality, Power Safety and Power Audits for all kinds of establishments. We are equipped with all the required trained man power and the equipment’s which are used in these operations.

While we undertake audits we also are equipped to provide you with the retrofit and all the low side work and commissioning of the same. We also undertake battery checking and testing, UPS checking and testing, panel checking and testing, etc.

When the site demands stability of power and solutions where the incoming power or the RAW power is not good we provide solutions involving Isolation Transformers and Servo stabilizers to make the site healthy and operational as desired.

You can email us regarding electric services on sarika@powertechnics.co.in